Paul Kasin
Bass Guitar & Vocals
Paul Kasin Plays Wildey Basses From Glades Guitars In Hollywood Fl
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Some Pictures Of The "Paul Kasin Jazz Bass".

lick hFounder of Rough Shot in 2002, bass player Paul Kasin hails from the rock and roll roots of New York's Long Island club scene. After a move to South Florida in the mid 1980s, Paul quickly emerged upon the scene and became a frequently called upon bass player, playing with known South Florida club bands such as Bedrock,Nothing to Prove, The Rob Rage Band, and The Headliners. Always the solid, in-the-pocket style player, Paul expanded into the country market, using his solid rock and roll roots in 1997, playing with country bands such as Brad Brock and The Renegades through 2002. Branching off in mid 2002, Paul founded Rough Shot, with the band playing all the top country night spots from Miami to Melbourne. The first to arrive and the last to leave, Rough Shot has been nothing short of a labor of love, passion, and drive. Today's Rough Shot brings people the best of the hits from every genre of music.