Bryce Kretz
Drums & Percussion
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The Jason Aldean Band
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   Hill Billy Brand Clothing
Bryce Kretz is the Florida-born drummer of Rough Shot. Starting with the band at only eleven years old, the band has helped him learn about and experience the South Florida music scene. With much help from his bandmates, he has blossomed into one of the youngest professional musicians in the scene, and has built relationships with musicians all over the world via social media. With influences such as Stuart Copeland (The Police), Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band), and especially his friend Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean Band), Kretz provides the band a powerful backbone with great finesse in the band's wide variety of music. Kretz proudly endorses Hillbilly Brand Clothing, The Kelly Shu bass drum mic suspension system, The SPAUN DRUM Co, IGEN Drumsticks, and DRM Earz in-ear monitors.
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